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Yuken Valve Repairs

We repair Yuken servo valves, proportional valves & we are able to do emergency repairs with a 24 hour turn around time. 

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  • Yuken Servo Valve Repairs
  • Yuken Emergency 24 Hour Valve Repairs
  • .Service Yuken Servo Valves
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Buy Yuken Valves

We offer new Yuken valves and rebuilt Yuken valves.


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Here Is A List Of Yuken Valves We Carry

YUKEN AMD-L25-S-D24-3505    YUKEN AME-D2-H1-100-12     YUKEN SK1071-10
YUKEN SK1102-10     YUKEN SK1102-20T-AV-11     YUKEN SK1102-A30-BV-11
YUKEN 109956     YUKEN 54054115     YUKEN BSG032B3A024N4680
YUKEN DG4V-3-2A-M-P7-H-7      YUKEN DHG-06-2B2B-T-5031
YUKEN DSG012B2D24N50    YUKEN DSG-01-3C4-24-60
YUKEN DSHG042B250130     YUKEN DSWG-03-3C2-D24-N-10
YUKEN EDG-01V-H-1-PNT09-50     YUKEN EDG-G01-PB-11
YUKEN EFBG-03-125-H-15T1     YUKEN EFCG-02-30-N-30
YUKEN EHDG-01B-C-PNT13-1021     YUKEN EHDG-01V-C-S-PNT15M00-5012
YUKEN EHFBG-06-250-C-1001     YUKEN ESHG-06-2-120-ET-1022
YUKEN ESHG-10-2B-120-E-M-1R-1111     YUKEN MC6850 EHFBG031355008
YUKEN RG-03-C-2090     YUKEN SB1099-02-140-4-B-6205
YUKEN SB1099-04-140-4-7450     YUKEN SB1099-06-140-47-4-50
YUKEN SB1099061404H6205     YUKEN SB1099-06-140-57-4-145-6252
YUKEN SB1100-02-140-20-4-5005     YUKEN SB1100-03-175-11-4-50
YUKEN SB1100-06-140-4-F-6205     YUKEN SB1166-L-01-140-4-83-1005
YUKEN SB1166-R-03-140-4-76-1205     YUKEN SE1012-40-10
YUKEN SE1012-40-1101  YUKEN SE1012-40-1107
YUKEN SE1013-ET-1101     YUKEN SE1013-ET-1301
YUKEN SE1014-E-1301     YUKEN SVD-F103-20-7.5-1016
YUKEN SVD-F11-10-7.5-1104     YUKEN SVD-F11-19-75-22
YUKEN SVD-F13-60-20-10