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Servo Drives & Industrial Electronics Repairs and Sales   - drives2(1)Whether for Plastics Molding, CNC Manufacturing, or Other Difficult Industrial or Military Activities, Servo Drives Are Among the Most Important Contributing Parts.

Drives measure feedback from the transducer or servo motor and compare it to command signals, sending back a signal for full control.

Without this process, the rate of error in manufacturing would be high, which is why few producers are willing to start production until a broken drive has been replaced. NC Servo Technology makes sure you have the necessary drives to resume production without error. Operating out of Westland, Michigan, NC Servo Technology has an extensive electronics department to service servo and industrial electronics. We sell and repair servo drives, amplifiers and industrial controls. We also design PCB.

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Hundreds of Drives In-Stock for CNC Machining, Plastics Molding, & Automation Controls

When selecting a new part for your specialized machines, variety is key, and NC Servo Technology spares no effort to offer you the biggest selection. Our inventory includes major manufacturers like Siemens, Emerson, Moog, Fanuc, Vickers, Parker and Bosch Rexroth, along with drives and other drive parts from all of the major producers. Beyond brands, we make sure we have the specific drives for all industrial applications and will help you identify the one you need as soon as you contact us. With our assistance, you will never struggle to find the precise piece of equipment for full production efficiency.

  • AC Servo Drives
  • DC Servo Drives
  • Allen Bradley
  • Baldor Drives 
  • Heldt & Rossi
  • Indramat 
  • Mitsubishi
  • Emerson
  • Electrocraft
  • Kollmorgen
  • Vickers 
  • Yaskawa Drives

24 Hour Service on Servo Drives and Electronics for all Brands, Domestic & International, Using OEM Parts

For the sake of your money, your time, and the environment, NC Servo Technology is committed to salvaging all drives that are not beyond repair. When your servo drive and other parts cease to function, we will perform an evaluation to see if they can be fixed. We can provide key repair and restoration services to get your drives back to full working order.

In providing refurbished servo drives, our team is careful to follow the manufacturer’s specifications to the letter, using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The latter step is particularly important, as it lets us know all the nuances of how the drive was designed and how best to verify feedback and full motor operation. 

Servo Drives Work on a Closed Loop Control

A servo drive compares the command signal with the feedback from the servo motor or a separate transducer sends the appropriate signal to the motor and always seeks to have zero error. A feedback attached to the servo motor reports the motor's actual status back to the servo drive. The servo drive then compares the actual motor status with the commanded motor status. The servo drive then alters the power to the motor to correct any deviation from the commanded status. This is a closed loop control.

Although many servo motors require a drive specific to that particular motor brand or model, many drives are now available that are compatible with a wide variety of motors. 

Have a Question About Servo Drives or Industrial Electronics?

Call us for 24-hour technical help and service. Few servo shops have the capability to repair and load test drives and electronics like we do. NC Servo Technology stocks hundreds of servo drives, encoders and amplifiers to minimize downtime for our customers. We service all brands of servo drives and controls. Don't wait weeks for a repair or replacement - call us at 800-DC-SERVO (800-327-3786), check out our inventory or fill out an online quote form, and get your machinery up and running quickly!