Servo Motors and Feedbacks

Guaranteed Servo Motor Repairs and Feedbacks in Westland, Michigan  

Servo Motors and Feedbacks Repairs and Replacement - NC Servo Technology - servo01From CNC Machining to Robotic Industrial Activities and a Wide Range of Other Automated Functions, Servo Motors Play a Key Role in Modern Production.

In order to continue operating at maximum efficiency, manufacturers must have servo motors that fit their specific activities precisely.

This creates a challenge when existing motors have worn down and no longer work properly. NC Servo Technology makes sure that all facilities facing this situation have access to quick repairs and technical assistance when and where you need it. Operating out of Westland, Michigan, we provide precise servo motor refurbishment using OEM parts.

We recharge, load test and align using our own proprietary software. NC Servo Technology stocks thousands of Servo Motors and Feedbacks, enabling us to provide same day service using original OEM parts.

We Have a Huge Inventory of Name Brand Servo Motors In-Stock, Ready to Ship!

To ensure that all of our clients can replace their servo motors quickly, NC Servo carries thousands of motors and other parts from a wide variety of different brands. No matter what specific type of motor you use, you can count on us to either have that motor or a suitable alternative. The brands we carry include:

  • ABB
  • Allen Bradley
  • Baldor
  • Baumuller
  • Bautz
  • BBC
  • BEI
  • Berger Lahr
  • CEM
  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • CMC
  • Compumotor
  • Control Techniques
  • Custom Servo
  • EG & G
  • Elau
  • Electrocraft
  • Encoders
  • Fanuc
  • Getty's Motor
  • Giddings & Lewis
  • Glentek
  • Gould
  • Heidenhain
  • Indramat
  • Kollmorgen
  • Lenze
  • Magnetek
  • Mavilor
  • MCG
  • Mitsubishi
  • Modicon
  • Moog
  • MTS Servo Motor
  • Parker Servo Motor
  • Parvex
  • Pacific Scientific
  • Porter Peerless
  • QMC
  • Reliance
  • Sanyo Denki
  • SEM
  • Servotek
  • Siemens
  • Sumtak
  • Superior
  • Tamagawa
  • Vickers
  • Yaskawa

24-Hour Rush Repairs, Replacements, and Feedbacks for Your Servo Motors

While replacing your servo motor is sometimes necessary, repairs are almost always preferable when you have the option. Sending your broken motor in to be repaired is not only less expensive than buying a new one, but it is often faster as well. Instead of having to painstakingly look through new motors until you find one with the same specifications, simply realigning or remagnetizing the old unit is often enough to get it working again. This lets you get back to production quickly and avoid losing money through stalled operations.

Not only does NC Servo Technology provide both repairs and replacements, but we help you determine which servo control is right for your company. When you come to us with a broken servo motor, we will evaluate the extent of the damage and quickly determine what measures are necessary to solve the problem. We take into account both the nature of the damage and any new technologies that might make the original servo motor obsolete. Our goal is to minimize the time you have to wait while letting you know for sure if the benefits of buying a new motor are really worth the cost.

High Quality Rebuilds & Reconfigurations by Experienced Servo Engineers in Metro-Detroit, MI

Industrial servo motor repairs need to be accurate, and few motor shops possess the alignment and magnetizing equipment to properly repair them. NC Servo Technology possesses the proper equipment and technicians to accurately perform quality repairs, alignment and load testing on all brands of industrial servo motors. We also size motors and drives for new and retrofitting applications. We assure quality repairs through permanent magnet recharging, dynamic feedback alignment and load testing. We wrote our own alignment software and designed our own magnetizing electronics.

NC Servo has more than 40 years of experience rebuilding and reconfiguring servo motors. We perform all of our repairs in-house, and warranty all our repairs. In this way, we ensure quality results on countless different repair jobs.


What is a Servo Motor?

A servo motor is a highly accurate motor, capable of accurate velocity and position control. Servo motors are used in applications such as robotics, CNC machinery or automated manufacturing, where velocity position and speed are required to achieve maximum accuracy and optimal performance. Every CNC machine has a servo motor for each axis and each servo drive must be married to the servo motor. Due to the accuracy, alignment (timing) is critical on most servo motors. Most servo motors also have magnets, which sometimes need recharging. We wrote our own proprietary alignment software and designed a recharging system.

Later servo motors have encoders or feedback devices to monitor armature and machine position and velocity, rather than brushes. Brushless motors have longer lives. Encoders have a glass disc which has etches on the disc. Pulse coders, feedbacks, and magnetic strips do the same job. Encoders can get oily and etchings no longer allow the "light" or IR signal to pass through.

Have a Question About Servo Motors and Encoders?

Call us for 24-hour technical help and service. Few servo shops have the capability to repair Servo Motors like we do. We stock over 6,000 servo motors to minimize downtime for our customers. We service all brands of servo motors and feedbacks. Don't wait weeks for a repair or replacement - call us at 800-DC-SERVO (800-327-3786), check out our inventory or fill out an online quote form, and get your machinery up and running quickly!