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NC Servo Technology stocks thousands of Servo Proportional Valves and related Servo Amplifiers, enabling us to provide same day service using original OEM parts.

Proportional Valves Are A Precious Manufacturing Piece

This is due not only to the importance of such parts in a range of different industrial activities, but also to how difficult it is to produce them. To work properly, proportional valves must contain both precise electronics, tight tolerances and powerful solenoids, all of which are costly to prepare.

As a result, manufacturers typically only offer JIT delivery, and dealers rarely carry them in their inventory and valve manufacturers have typically six to twenty-six weeks lead time. This can paralyze production activities when a manufacturer’s existing valve fail.

NC Servo Technology in Westland, MI, provides a quick, effective solution to this parts problem. We stock thousands of servo proportional valves from multiple different brands, for a variety of purposes, and can provide fast repairs using OEM parts. With our help, you can restart production quickly and affordably after a valve failure.

Thousands of Servo Proportional Valves in Stock!

NC Servo Technology carries a large selection of valves, from all the major manufacturers, such as Yuken, CEI, Joucomatic, Pegasus, Continental, Denison, Sundstrand, Ultra, Wandfluh, HR Textron, Bosch Rexroth, Vickers, Pegasus, Moog, Parker, Atos, and Abex. Stocking an inventory this size allows us to serve clients from multiple different industries with ease. No matter what specific field of manufacturing you work in, we are sure to have a proportional valve that will meet your production needs 100%.

Same Day Service on Servo Proportional Valves Using OEM Parts

While some proportional valves are damaged beyond repair, most can be refurbished, often for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. The NC Servo Technology team has more than 40 years of experience repairing every variety of valve. We specialize in the repair of Atos valves, CEI valves, Moog Atchley valves, Parker valves, Pegasus valves, Rexroth valves, Vickers valves, Sundstrand valves, Wandfluh valves, & Yuken valves just to name a few. Repair can be your best option when it comes to saving $$. In most cases, we can offer repair with in 24 hours from the time we receive it in our facility. Just ask for a 'rush evaluation'. See our Standard Repair Form for instructions and make sure to include the repair form and a packing slip when sending your unit into our facility. Our techs are experienced and use OEM parts to perform the best repair possible. No matter the nature of the damage, we will be able to repair or replace your servo proportional valve.

In addition to being less expensive, in most cases, repairing your proportional valve will save you time. Most manufacturers don’t actually keep an inventory of their product. They are usually built on-demand. By contrast, we can repair, replace, or update within 24 hours, allowing you to return to production quickly with minimal downtime.

We Provide:

  • Updates and Replacement for Obsolete Valves. NO Modifications Required by User
  • Electronics Repair for Proportional Valves IN HOUSE
  • Testing with Skydrol, MIL 5606 and DTE Fluids
  • Engineering for Closed Loop Servo Proportional Valve Systems
  • 24-Hour Service Available
  • FREE Evaluation With ALL Repairs

Servo Proportional Valve Prototyping

If you need to control a load to a certain velocity and position, but are not familiar with the engineering, what may be the best method, or what valve is required, call us. NC Servo Technology can take your requirements, do the engineering, and provide a servo proportional valve control to satisfy your needs and meet your specifications. We utilize our 15,000+ inventory to build our valves and often can ship a prototype valve the next day. Our prototyping and upgrading require no modification by the user. Just bolt it down, plug it in, and run. We are very successful supplying quality solutions quickly and at a reasonable cost.

What is a Servo or Servo Proportional Valve?

A servo valve is any electro hydraulic - pneumatic device whose output is a function of the input and capable of continuous control. A proportional valve is an updated servo valve usually containing high power solenoids and electronics to maintain spool position. These valves are used where accurate position, velocity, pressure or force are required. As proportional and servo valves are high-cost and highly accurate, there are very few qualified places in the USA that can properly repair them. Dealers usually do not stock these high-cost parts and users do not often have spares. NC Servo Technology stocks thousands of proportional and servo valves to decrease downtime for our customers. We also have the technical expertise to re-engineer servo proportional valves, if needed. We have complete testing facilities which include factory test stands, frequency response, recharging and nozzle fixtures to ensure a quality repair.

Servo and proportional valves are widely used in many industrial and manufacturing applications where hydraulics and/or pneumatics are utilized. The plastics industry uses these valves in blow molding and injection molding. Steel companies use valves on edge guides and presses. Pavers use servos for grade and slope control. Power generating plants use valves for flow control of steam and water. Servo valves are used by railroads in their track grooming machines. Valves are also used in simulators, marine steering, autopilots, propeller pitch control, wood processing, and wind turbines. There are also aviation and military applications for servo and proportional valves for autopilots, radar and gun controls.

Have a Question About Servo Proportional Valves?

Call us for 24-hour technical help and service. Few servo shops have the capability to repair Servo Proportional Valves like we do. We stock over 15,000+ servo proportional valves to minimize downtime for our customers. We service all brands of servo proportional valves. Don't wait weeks for a repair or replacement - call us at 800-DC-SERVO (800-327-3786), check out our inventory or fill out an online quote form, and get your machinery up and running quickly!


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